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Every person has the ability to, “accomplish the extraordinary;” to live an incredible life and leave a lasting mark and legacy of greatness to represent their time spent on earth. However, that reality is only possible to the person who possesses the willing- ness to dream, the courage to pursue those dreams and the relentless determination to never stop dreaming. 


In DREAM NOW: 10 Steps to Accomplish the Extraordinary, Jimmy McMikle inspires and empowers the reader to step out of an ordinary existence and experience a life of extraordinary measure.  He outlines ten simple yet profound steps that allow the reader to harness the power of a dream and unlock his or her unlimited potential.  This book provides a detailed roadmap to success and personal fulfillment, offering a practical game plan that propels the reader from current positioning to desired destiny.


Dream Now is a masterful text. McMikle strikes the perfect balance between intelligent and accessible, lighthearted and sober, challenging and inspirational. This book is required reading for anyone interested in taking concrete steps toward the extraordinary

Dreaming is one of the true gifts that God has given.  McMikle has taken this present and eloquently wrapped it in a bow that all can comprehend and use in their daily lives.   To say this book is a must read is an understatement, it is a ‘how-can-you-make-it-without-reading’ masterpiece.  I encourage everyone to Dream Now, tomorrow may simply be too late.


CNN & BET Contributor &

Morehouse University Professor

RICHARD L. SNOW, Senior Advisor, Multicultural Marketing & Development, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

DREAM NOW! 10 Steps To Accomplish The Extraordinary is an exceptionally clever must-read book for women and men of all ages and all cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  This masterful piece of work artfully dissects and exposes the necessary steps for anyone to achieve something phenomenal!  DREAM NOW! will resonate with every person who dares to dream but is uncertain how to reach the apex of their ambitions.  Once you finish reading this book, you will walk away with the confidence that you can accomplish anything including the extraordinary!

KEVIN ASBELL, Esq. - General Counsel, Lucas Oil Products, Inc

As a linear person, I appreciate McMikle’s approach to creating an easy-to-follow roadmap for becoming one’s truest, best self.  I found ‘Dream Now!’ to be a revelation and an important read for anyone looking for the inspiration and encouragement to step away from their fears and pursue the life they have longed to achieve.  It’s a great work.


President, Paul Quinn College

DREAM NOW is a game-changer and it’s a call to action. This invaluable book compels you to take charge of your life by overcoming your “ears, fears and frustrations,” detoxing your environment and then it dares you to dream – dream big.  DREAM NOW erases any excuse for not reaching your potential. It’s a practical, brilliant piece of work that belongs in the hands of every young person poised for greatness and that should be

all of our youth.

DREAM NOW is a playbook for life.  A concise, practical guidebook that helps you decide what’s important in your life and gives you insights into yourself and the world around you to accomplish your aspirations. It is full of energy. A must read for anyone that wants to maximize both the enjoyment and accomplishments on our journey through life. 


Transplant Neprhologist, Hartford (CT) Hospital

DR. CHERYL L. PRUITT, Superintendent,

Gary Community School Corporation, Gary, IN

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