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Powered by the passionate belief that every child can achieve greatness and driven by the opportunity to cultivate the next generation of leaders, The McMikle Group is dedicated to developing the leadership capacity in youth of all ethnic, social and economic demographics. Leadership development is a vital component in the overall youth development process; it’s a sound investment in the promise of our children. We provide opportunities for growth that sharpen awareness, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, and equip youth with functional life skills that empower success. We offer programs, workshops, keynote speeches, and books that inspire children to become change agents in the world. 

The McMikle Group features The DREAM NOW Program, our staple youth program. The DREAM NOW Program is an intensive youth leadership program that develops the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual competencies critical to future leadership proficiency. Visit: for detailed information surrounding this extraordinary program. 

In addition to providing our own enriching programming, we offer training services to support and build the capacity of organizations to provide effective youth leadership programming. The McMikle Group can also design, develop, and help implement a customized program for your organization, and train your trainers to facilitate. 

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