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Dream Drivers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is, “to service youth, strengthen families and uplift communities.” 


The generous donations and ongoing assistance of our supporters provide resources to empower our ability to fulfil our mission through a variety of programmatic efforts and initiatives.  Every dollar counts to aid our efforts.  Your support makes a direct impact in our ability to change and enrich lives.   


Donations given can be specifically earmarked for one of the various programs that we support which are listed and detailed below.  Indicate your desired designation if one is preferred.  General donations are applied at the discretion of the foundation to support its various programs and operational costs.  


Youth Education

Dream Drivers Foundation supports the active promotion of the ideals of education as a foundational cornerstone of youth development and empowerment. Our commitment to student support is manifested through the Foundation’s programs, initiatives, and scholarship opportunities. 


Youth Leadership

Cultivating the next generation of leaders is an important and critical responsibility.  Dream Drivers Foundation is dedicated to developing the leadership capacity in youth of all ethnic, social and economic demographics. Leadership development is a vital component in the overall youth development process; it’s a sound investment in the promise of our children. The foundation provides opportunities for growth that sharpen awareness, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, and equip youth with functional life skills that empower success. We seek to provide programs, workshops, conferences, and resources that develop the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual competencies critical to future leadership proficiency and inspire children to become change agents in the world. 

Community Development & Empowerment

Dream Drivers Foundation understands the need to leverage organizational and community resources to develop neighborhood capacity to enhance the quality of life for community residents. We remain committed to tackling the critical issues that threaten the general welfare of our communities through collaborative efforts.


Family Engagement

Our efforts to strengthen families include but are not limited to large scale family outings and events that provide positive family experiences.  We offer fatherhood initiatives, women initiatives and targeted programs and events for boys and girls.  Our educational efforts in the family engagement arena include working with schools, educational institutions and community organizations committed to engaging families in meaningful ways to actively support their children's learning and development.

Health and Welfare

Dream Drivers Foundation is dedicated to building programs and partnering with organizations that seek to decrease negative health associated issues and/or promote practices that will promote longer life


DREAM NOW Youth Leadership Program (Ongoing)

The DREAM NOW Program is an intensive youth leadership program that develops the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual competencies critical to future leadership proficiency. "D.R.E.A.M.,” stands for developing responsible, educated, adaptive minds!  “D.R.E.A.M. NOW,” reflects the urgency of this critical development to prepare youth for success in education, society and throughout life. The program offers a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule format. The program tailors to any student age demographic to provide age appropriate, stimulating experiences and learning activities that challenge each student at their respective stage of youth. 

The DREAM NOW Program provides opportunities for the individual growth and personal development of community youth. It increases the self- esteem, self-confidence and interpersonal relationship skills of those who participate. The DREAM NOW Program has three program focus areas: Responsibility, Education, and Adaptability. The innovative program curriculum provides a unique fusion of leadership development instruction, interactive activities, and field trips. Each program participant obtains an invaluable collection of experiences, knowledge and relationships that has transformational effects on their lives.


DREAM NOW Conference Tour (Ongoing)

Imagine a collection of the nation’s most dynamic and energetic youth motivational speakers on one stage at the same event, inspiring an audience of future leaders on the concept of a dream. For it is a dream that gives purpose and propulsion to achieve accomplishments beyond the imaginable consciousness of most. Those that “dare to dream,” will ultimately lead those who do not.

The DREAM NOW Program Conference Tour is a leadership conference that challenges youth, and young adult participants to dream, while developing critical leadership competencies. The conference is an extension of The D.R.E.A.M Now Program. Participants receive a day of training that will provide a lifetime of relevant knowledge. Experience the power, energy, and excitement as hundreds of people encounter a life changing event that develops a mindset for success, and empowers them to unleash their unlimited power and potential, with the urgency of, “NOW!​

DREAM Sports Learning Camps (Summer, Winter & Spring Sessions)​

The Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS), The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and The McMikle Group offer an innovative statewide six-week summer learning camp. Discover the newest model of summer learning programs that enrich the lives of learners through a three-tiered approach to student development. DREAM Sports Camp is an engaging, interactive and intensive summer youth sports leadership camp that provides a unique fusion of daily STEM based educational instruction; leadership training and development along with sport specific coaching and instruction to produce better athletic performance.  The program provides a safe, secure and structured environment dedicated to maximizing the full potential of each child.  Hosted on the Windsor (CT) High School campus and utilizing the Windsor sports complex, DREAM Sports Summer Learning Camp is open to students entering the 1st - 10th grades from any school in the state of Connecticut.    At the end of each camp session, every camper leaves the program with fresh new perspectives, knowledge, relationships and an invaluable collection of life changing experiences that are transformational in nature.  

Daddy Daughter Dance - Fatherhood Initiative (February 2019)

Dream Drivers Foundation in conjunction with the Windsor Public Schools will host the fourth annual Windsor Daddy Daughter's Dance on Saturday, February 9, 2017.  This evening features an elegant evening of music, pictures, dinner and dancing for daughters of all ages and their fathers (grandfathers, uncles or other significant male figures).  The 2018 event featured 330 attendants who partied the night away. Visit to register.  


Family Night Festival (June 2019)

June 2019 will mark the first annual family night festival in Windsor, Connecticut.  This event will feature a large assortment of games, contests, competitions and live entertainment along with a number of other featured surprises. The event will be Dream Drivers Foundation's first official family engagement event.   Stay tuned for more details.  Join our mailing list below to receive updates.   

WISE (Women Impacting, Supporting and Empowering) Network (Ongoing)

The WISE Network is a movement of women dedicated to the betterment of self, families and community.  

This network gathers on a bi-weekly schedule to discuss a variety of life issues in a welcoming, safe space group environment where women are free to share, process information and leverage the support of this powerful network for personal growth. Each facilitated week features a specific discussion topic and often includes guest speakers, facilitators and or lecturers.

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