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Imagine a collection of the nation’s most dynamic and energetic youth motivational speakers on one stage at the same event, inspiring an audience of future leaders on the concept of a dream. For it is a dream that gives purpose and propulsion to achieve accomplishments beyond the imaginable consciousness of most. Those that “dare to dream,” will ultimately lead those who do not.

The DREAM NOW Program Conference Tour is a leadership conference that challenges youth, and young adult participants to dream, while developing critical leadership competencies. The conference is an extension of The D.R.E.A.M Now Program. Participants receive a day of training that will provide a lifetime of relevant knowledge.

Experience the power, energy, and excitement as hundreds of people encounter a life changing event that develops a mindset for success, and empowers them to unleash their unlimited power and potential, with the urgency of, “NOW!”



“To inspire and develop responsible, educated, adaptive minds for future leadership”



1.  To develop youth & young adult leaders

2.  To inspire individual growth and development

3.  To increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and interpersonal relationship skills

4.  To inspire to dream and motivate toward goal attainment

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